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Changes Counselling
Christians Counselling in the Community
“Supportive, flexible, non-judgemental, felt safe”

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about us and our service, some of these frequently asked questions may help. But you can contact us by phone or e-mail if you have other questions.

What will it cost?

Counselling is affordable, and we ask for a contribution towards the cost of running the service, between £10 and £40, with the initial assessment being free.

What is an initial assessment?

A meeting with a counsellor prior to the start of counselling, to explore the nature of your problems and decide together if Changes Counselling is the best place for your needs.

What kinds of problems can I bring to counselling? 

People have found help with issues such as depression, stress and anxiety, low self esteem, anger, relationship issues, abuse, bereavement, redundancy.

Can counselling cure all my immediate problems?

We aim to help people over an appropriate period of time which we hope will bring a lasting solution to issues and problems. We do not operate a crisis service.

How would a counsellor know how I am really feeling?

Our counsellors are trained to value each client and to empathise with how they feel. We try to put ourselves in the client’s shoes.

Who do you counsel – what sort of person?

We offer counselling to individuals and couples, of all faiths or none, in a non-judgemental way. At the moment we are not counselling children.

Do you charge for the first appointment?

The initial meeting is free when we undertake an assessment to ensure that counselling is the most suitable option for you, and to give you an opportunity to see if our service is geared to meet your needs.

How long will it take to begin counselling?

That depends on our counsellors’ availability. We have a waiting list, but you will be contacted regularly so that you are not forgotten, and we will send a list of alternative links.

How long is a counselling session?

Each session will last 50 minutes.

How long will counselling last?

That depends on what issues you bring to the counselling room. Your counsellor will conduct regular reviews to monitor your progress in order to work towards an appropriate ending.

Will my anonymity be compromised in any way?

Changes Counselling regards client confidentiality with the utmost importance and no information be divulged without your permission unless there is a serious risk of harm to self or others.

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