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Changes Counselling
Christians Counselling in the Community
“I found it very helpful; done in a relaxed setting”

Our objectives

When Changes Counselling was established a number of objectives were set out for us to provide a first class counselling service. Below are our objectives.

  1. To provide a safe and empathic place for individuals and couples  to air and share problems and work towards finding solutions without fear of being judged.
  2. To work within the community to contribute to its health and welfare, seeking to work with local GPs, churches and other agencies within a holistic framework.
  3. To provide a safe, supportive, non-judgemental, accessible environment in Haringey where people can discuss their problems with professional counsellors.
  4. To assess each prospective client as to their suitability for counselling and where it may be needed, refer on to a more suitable agency which will best supply their needs.
  5. To maintain high standards by ensuring we are professionally trained, under regular supervision and receiving ongoing personal and professional development.
  6. To work from suitable surroundings, which will provide a safe and secure environment for our clients.
  7. To welcome trained Christian counsellors who have the Changes Counselling ethos and wish to join the team.

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